Here are my favorite things I wrote in 2016.

Growing up as a kid in suburban Virginia, I was fascinated with California, and I finally got to go this year. It was unexpected and exciting and overwhelming.

The Great Basin is unlike anywhere I’d ever been in my life. You’re at the mercy of the heat, wildlife, and desolation, and to be out there on a bicycle is probably ill-advised. I traveled along a road that was most recently famous for the Pony Express.

One life was senselessly lost and another changed forever this summer. I’m still really perturbed by this.

I tried in earnest to capture the joy that comes with reaching the other side of the country on a bicycle. It was a celebration of achievement, and for me, moving on. For the rest of my days I’ll be thankful for the opportunity to work for Bike the US for MS.

This is probably my favorite thing I wrote this year.

I rode my bike slower than a lot of other people in an event in which riding your bike fastest was the goal.

A clear indicator of growing up is seeing your favorite bands celebrate their 10-year anniversaries of the albums you grew up on.

…Or you just see them call it quits.

Lastly, I wrote a lot about Real Madrid.

Writer, cyclist, often at the same time.

Writer, cyclist, often at the same time.